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Used Cars for Sale and The Best No Deposit Car Insurance

My Heart and Used Cars for Sale

When I was a freshman in college a few years ago, I had a car that I loved. I couldn’t really afford it. That’s why today, as a new college grad, I actually don’t have a car. I know this sounds really silly, but I loved that car so much that I couldn’t bring myself to get another one for a while.

First of all, it was the first adult purchase I ever made. I didn’t have a cosigner, it was all me. I worked so hard for 2 summers to save up money for a down payment and was so proud when I finally had enough. I felt like I’d really accomplished something and when I had to admit that it wasn’t going to work out, it was devastating to me.

Secondly, the first half of freshman year as awesome. I could go wherever I wanted which was important on a campus as small as mine. You had to have a car if you didn’t want to be eternally bored. Imagine how hard it was for me when I went home for winter break with the stark realization that I couldn’t afford my car payments anymore. I thought I’d be able to work at school but my courses ended up being more difficult than I thought. With no income, I wasn’t going to be able to keep the car.

I was crushed. We did not have happy holidays that year because I spent the whole time sulking over my car. But that was a few years ago and now that I’m in a better place financially, I had a brilliant idea. Since I loved that car so much, why not just go to all the used car dealerships around until I found the same one? So, that’s what I set out to do.

It wasn’t that difficult, really. I looked at dealer inventory and used cars online. Luckily, it was a popular model and I was able to find a few options. Then it was a matter of negotiating.

I had to play it cool because when I found that my make and model was one of the used cars for sale at the dealership right by my apartment, I literally ran there. I found out about the dealership here by the way: But, I managed to collect myself and ended up getting a pretty good deal. It felt good to be back in the same model that I’d had all those years ago.

Next thing I did was start shopping for car insurance. Since regular insurance was to expensive I had to find some cheap no deposit car insurance; which I did manage to find here: