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Who has the cheapest auto insurance?

Finding the Cheapest Full Coverage Auto Insurance

I saved up for so long to buy my new car. I’d been driving the same second hand car since I was a sophomore in college. My grandma gave it to me when she decided she didn’t need two cars anymore. I loved that car. I drove it through high school, college, and the first few years at my first real job.

I was lucky because I didn’t actually put that many miles on it. Neither did my gram, it only had about 20,000 when she gave it to me and just turned over to 120,000 when I decided it was time to get a new car. I was doing okay financially. I’d saved up a decent down payment. I saw it as symbolic of me becoming an adult.

To fit into my budget, I needed to keep the monthly payment below a certain amount. And in order to do that, I had to use all of the money I’d saved. Now, I’d been planning to use some of that for other expenses – a parking lease, insurance, gas, that kind of stuff. So when I was left with only a few hundred bucks, I realized I was going to have to change my plan.

I had to have the lease or I wouldn’t be able to park it at work. And, obviously, I’d need to keep gas in the tank. Which meant I’d have to figure out a way to save money on the insurance. It was a brand new car so I wanted full coverage, but finding the cheapest full coverage auto insurance seemed like it would be difficult. Or really time consuming.

So how did I find who has the cheapest auto insurance?

I did what everyone does these days. I scoured the internet for the cheapest full coverage car insurance I could find. It didn’t take long, either before I found: http://www.insurancebynerds.com/cheap-full-coverage-auto-insurance/. I had a few different offers I was considering. When I talked to the agent I eventually ended up working with, I flat out told him the offers I’d gotten from other companies. He told me he could do better and he’d get back to me later that day with a policy.

I thought he was full of it but, sure enough, he pulled through. I ended up with exactly what I needed. It fit into my budget and the coverage was really good. I wish I’d known from the beginning that it would be that easy!